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KidzClix Video

KidzClix Video

Learn more about KidzClix with our School Fundraising Video.


Educators - Enrich Your Class

We provide you with innovative lessons in math, science, etc., incorporating puzzles, games, creative projects, and more. Our activities have been tested by thousands of children and found to be of high interest, educational value and fun.

Use our affordable teaching resources to provide hours of learning activities for your classroom. Take advantage of the creativity & innovation of some of the finest teachers, all experts in their fields, including prestigious Golden Apple Award®.

  • Utilize KidzClix activities in your classroom
  • Learn from our extension activities that develop critical thinking and originality
  • Showcase student achievements with our art projects, building ideas, and contests
  • Raise money for your school or organization with our fundraisers
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Eduation is key to your child's development. At KidzClix we make learning fun, while providing kids with innovative & creative ways to inspire them to expand their minds. As experts in child development & learning, we spend a lot of time with top educators to develop top notch online activities that will also enterain children.

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Created by educators from the Center for Gifted, an organization that offers innovative enrichment programs.

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Our activities are provided by top educators in their field, and recipients of the prestigious Golden Apple award.

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We have won awards for the educational content on our site, and the glowing testimonials & reviews keep coming in.

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Every KidzClix activity is tested by various educators, interactive media designers, and 100's and 100's of kids!


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“A great way to keep kids engaged in learning at home.  I’ll be recommending it to parents.

Rick Herrijon, elementary school principal, Buffalo Grove, Ill.

“KidzClix provides a safe and educational outlet through which my students can learn, explore, and stretch their minds.  It offers activities for all interests, and an opportunity for students to submit their writing and best ideas to share with kids across the world.”

Kathryn Haydon, teacher, Ojai, Calif.

“ is a phenomenal concept!  The activities are accessible and appealing to the eye.  This online magazine has come at just the right time for kids everywhere.”

Eve Dicker Eiseman, retired professor of Exceptional Education, Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

“I’m really impressed with the activities on KidzClix—highly creative and entertaining.  It can really expand a child’s knowledge base…subjects like math and science become exciting for students!”

Jane Artabasy, Golden Apple winner, Glencoe, Ill.

“I’m so excited about the debut of KidzClix.  I wish my own children were this age again.  There are so many different types of activities and areas of interest to explore. As a teacher, I hope every student is given an opportunity to subscribe to this fabulous site.”

Carol Fisher, Golden Apple winner, Chicago, Ill.

“I have been a 7th grade Social Studies teacher for 32 years and have seen many changes in ways to engage my students and get them interested in learning.  Having them use the computer to do research for projects always seems to energize them and increase their desire to gain more information.  In examining the KidzClix site, I could see a lot of potential in stimulating students to pursue many different channels to satisfy their curiosity and desire to learn.”

James Howarth, Waukegan, Ill., three times selected to Who’s Who of American Teachers

“Your child’s enthusiasm for learning will just naturally emerge as he/she participates in the creative activities offered on”

Joan Franklin Smutny, Director of the Center for Gifted at National-Louis University, Glenview, Ill.

“My children love My husband and I are also very impressed with the website. Great science facts, games and puzzles!”

Donna Christie, parent, Park Ridge , IL

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