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Arts and Crafts You Can Do Online at
Become a member today and get access to over 100 exciting activities right now, including our Artz Studio. Every month you’ll receive over 30 brand new activities, with more cool stuff to create, build, explore and have fun with.

Try Our Artz Studio Activities and...

  • Delve into a range of media and methods
  • Try your hand at collage, printmaking, sculpture, drawing and painting
  • Explore the arts and crafts of exotic cultures
  • Craft, bend, twist, and fold paper, straws, and string to create the latest art craze
  • Shape, mold, model or chisel 3D masterpieces
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Art Activity 1 - Paint Like Pollock
Art Activity 2 - Optical Illusions
Art Activity 3 - Mardi Gras Masks
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Testimonials for Artz Studio

"What I love about KidzClix is that it lets my kids paint and draw online, and all their art activities come with a project to do at home using simple art supplies."

- Janis B., parent, Kenosha, WI

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